L.A.L. SKR 1950's Japanese Sakura Booster


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SAKURA BOOSTER 1950'S JAPANESE is the effect pedal which boost to gain up.

It can gain the volume and distort/manipulate sound by.

SAKURA BOOSTER 1950'S JAPANESE (SKR) is simple booster pedal which has only one control. Also the circuit has only one transistor to be made as simple as possible. The SKR was born under the concept of "1950'S JAPANESE".

The SKR was developed by the curiosity such as if there was an effect pedal in 1950s: it was the age of the transistor started to mass-produced. There might not be one was called, "effect pedal" back then.

As for the mechanical element parts of this, the electric parts are selected from present standard due to durability, however, the main electric parts are selected from old Japanese, especially, the transistor which is called "2T76", made by SONY in 1950s, is germanium transistor, and it is the former model of "2SC" which became the name of standardization model.

"Point to point" wiring is made by 1950's solid wire and L.A.L. specially-made glass-epoxy circuit board which was adopted from the impression of the 1950s.

The SKR is very simple booster as the result, however, the SKR produces the great texture in sounds that will be extremely hard to create in the future.

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