L.A.L. MNP2 Multi Noise Processor 2


The "Multi Noise Processor 2" (MNP2) is a noise instrument which has four unique sound generators.

The MNP2 contains two theremins, Droner (bottom range oscillator), Shaker (shaking noise generator) and Tracer (magnetic tape reader).

It can be as a table top device or attach a shoulder strap for standing and moving around.

This is a noise processor which contains two Theremins, Droner, Shaker and Tracer in one package.

  • Controls of the Shaker: GAIN, DIST/BOOST switch and LEVEL. The Shaker is a shaking noise generator which makes the sound by shaking the Shaker/Tracer Unit.

  • Controls of the Theremin: There are two Theremins and each has LEVEL, FREQ and MUTE switch. Theremin is a music device that controls the pitch with the distance between the antenna and your hand.

  • The tape head on the back of the Shaker/Tracer Unit. The Tracer is a magnetic tape reader which outputs the pre-recorded signal on the magnetic tape sheet. Two antennas are an interface for the Theremins to control the pitch.

  • The LEVEL control for the Tracer. There is a jack to connect the Shaker/Tracer Unit on the side.

  • Controls of the Droner: LEVEL, OSC1 and OSC2. The Droner is a bottom range oscillator which oscillates at a low frequency in the audible range. There are two oscillators in one unit.

  • The jacks, from the left: power jack for a DC9V-AC adapter, output jack for the Theremin1, Theremin2, Tracer, Shaker and Droner. Use a mixer to connect all 5 effects at once.

It can be played using a strap belt like guitar.

If you play the MNP2 with a strap, you may want to put the SHAKER/TRACER UNIT temporarily. It can be placed into the back of the magnetic tape sheet.

It has variety of unique sound source, and makes your play style wider - the "Multi Noise Processor 2" is an equipment which has a lot of possibilities for creative sounds.

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