L.A.L. 86 Hachiroku Shiki Kebadate Hizumaseki Oscillo Fuzz


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The "Hachiroku shiki kebadate hizumaseki OSCILLO FUZZ" (86) is a fuzz pedal with a built-in oscillator.

The feature of this pedal is a distortion which blends the input signal with an oscillating frequency when the "OSC." Switch is on.

It has a CV PEDAL jack. If you have a cv pedal, you can control the distortion level and the pitch of the oscillator with your foot, - so your performances will gain in depth.

Design motif based on old Japanese Zero-sen plane. "Hachiroku shiki" means "Type 86", kebadate" mean "fuzz" and "hizumaseki" mean "distortion pedal" ミso the name means "FUZZ DISTORTION PEDAL TYPE 86".

Controls from the left ; "LEVEL" and "FUZZ/FREQ", there is an "OSC" switch between "LEVEL" and "FUZZ/FREQ" controls. "LEVEL" controls the overall output level when the effect is on. "OSC" switches the oscillator on or off. "FUZZ/FREQ" controls the distortion level when the "OSC." is off and the pitch of the oscillator when the "OSC." is on.

On the left side, there are jacks for the OUTPUT and a CV PEDAL.. The CV PEDAL jack connects with the CV (expression) pedal. If you have a CV pedal, you can control the "FUZZ / FREQ." with your foot. Almost all expression pedals will be able to connect to our pedals, but the effect will vary with different types. We recommend the "ROLAND EV-5".

On the right side, there is an INPUT jack.


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2017-03-168/10  Great little noisemaker....

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