L.A.L. 45 Yongo Shiki Kebadate Hizumaseki Super Fuzz


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Lastgasp Art Laboratories

The "Yongo shiki kebadate hizumaseki SUPER FUZZ" (45) is a fuzz pedal that creates hard distortion containing harmonics with a strong core.

Super octave hard distorted fuzz!! The 45 allows you to create a wall of noise.

The controls; "LEVEL", "CHARRACTER" and "EXPAND". "LEVEL" controls the overall output level when the effect is on. "CHARRACTER" controls the character of the tone. A Higher tone can be emphasized by turning the button in a clock-wise direction, and lower tone by turning it in a counter clock-wise direction. "EXPAND" controls the sustain and distortion level.

The Jacks on top, right to IN, OUT and AC adaptor jack. AC adaptor jack connects the DC 9 volt AC adapter with a 2.1mm barrel-type negative tip.

A noise wall can be made by turning the "EXPAND" control to the right fully, if there is no input signal the noise will be very low level.

Design motif based on old Japanese Zero-sen plane.

"Yongo shiki" means "Type 45", kebadate" means "fuzz" and "hizumaseki" means "distortion pedal". So the pedal's full name in English is "FUZZ DISTORTION PEDAL TYPE 45".


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