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Larry Alan Guitars (press release, September 3, 2014)

Larry Alan Guitars Introduces The Harlot Pedal

The Harlot is a hot little pedal that can get down and dirty.

Lansing, MI – September 3rd, 2014 – Larry Alan Guitars is very excited to announce the release of The Harlot drive pedal. She’s a versatile pedal that utilizes a discreet transistor circuit for flexible drive with simple controls at a reasonable price.

The Harlot is extremely dynamic and responds to your playing and guitar controls extremely well. Plenty of output to drive your amp and other effects with a flexible gain control to dial in the right amount of dirt. Lower settings of the gain control allow clean boosts and tone sweetening drive that's hard to turn off. The gain starts getting into crunchy overdrive with some slight compression in the middle range of the control. Further turning of the knob increases the drive and compression with the highest settings imparting a warm distortion to your tone. With the gain cranked and a hot input signal The Harlot can even give you an interesting fuzz character.

  • Discrete circuit design featuring a hand selected transistor
  • Operates at 9V via battery or up to 18V via DC jack for additional headroom
  • Polyfilm capacitors and metal film resistors for low noise and warm tone
  • True bypass switching with a 10,000 cycle rating
  • High quality Nuetrik connectors
  • Designed and built by hand in Lansing, MI.

The Harlot has a suggested retail price of $120 and is available for purchase direct at

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