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The Classic!

The Tube screecher is a clone of the famous Tube screamer TS808 Hand-wired edition just with even more options!!

This pedal is a staple on many major artists pedal boards and combines a sweet overdrive with a subtle mid hump that allows for a great cut through in live situations. The main use for the pedal is to push a tube amp to make it overdrive more but can also be great when driven hard.

I create these fantastic sounding pedals on custom turret boards and wire the pedal completely Point to Point; very similar to the expensive Ibenez version currently available.

Although a clone of the tube screamer I have included some extra options which I have found great additions to the effect:

  • Thin/Fat Switch - in the thin option the effect is the same as the original TS808 but switch to Fat and you have more bass and overdrive available to play with!!
  • Hash/Warm - In Harsh mode you have the classic TS808 with its silicon Diode but switch to Warm and you have germanium diodes thrown in the mix to give that slightly warmer sound!

So not only do you get a Point to Point TS808 you also have the option of a more aggressive or tubey sounding effect!!

The Controls:

  • Gain - Controls the level of gain put into the signal chain, the amount is also altered by the Thin/Fat Switch
  • Tone - Controls the level of tone from strong highs and mid to a flatter response
  • Volume - Controls the Overall output of the pedal allowing you to bring back to unity. While the Warm switch is engaged slightly less volume is required too.

I also build this to custom specs, so if you have a particular idea or want a TS with some mods you like or have seen on the internet just drop me an email and we will work together to come up with exactly what you want!!

Every pedal built by Lard Effects comes equipped with the highest standard parts listed below:

  • Rugged custom etched Die-cast Aluminium enclosure
  • Neutrix Fully enclosed Jack Sockets
  • 3PDT True Bypass Switch (Mechanical True Bypass)
  • Alpha or Bourns Potentiometers for longest life and smooth action
  • Boss 9v centre negative 2.1mm Power Option
  • Box/Mylar Capacitors - Creates a more detailed Hi-Fi sound
  • 1% tolerance metal film Resistors - Minimises interference seen in many older pedals
  • Point to Point turret board
  • 2 year Warranty (see below)

All pedals are built and wired completely by hand to the highest standards, I build pedals for myself and always strive for the most reliable and musically sounding effects!!

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