Lard Effects Super Heated Hardon


Lard Effects

The boost that doesn't colour your tone!

This pedal is styled after the classic 60's recording console inputs and has an extremely high input impedance of >5ohm; this allows your guitar pick-ups to do what they should do with no pressure, maintaining the most magnetic field around each string, bringing old worn pick-ups to life!!

The pedal is a clone of the Super Hard On but with an added extra boost section, a jfet mu-amp, otherwise know as the mini-booster. This section, when switched on creates even more boost driving your amp so hard you might think its going to pop...

The Controls:

  • ERECT! - This knob controls the amount of boost you require
  • Hot/Randy Switch - This switch flicks between the standard boost or the extreme!

Every pedal built by lard effects comes equipped with the highest standard parts listed below:

  • Rugged custom etched Die-cast Aluminium enclosure
  • Neutrix Fully enclosed Jack Sockets
  • 3PDT True Bypass Switch (Mechanical True Bypass)
  • Alpha or Bourns Potentiometers for longest life and smooth action
  • Boss 9v centre negative 2.1mm Power Option
  • Box/Mylar Capacitors - Creates a more detailed Hi-Fi sound
  • 1% tolerance metal film Resistors - Minimises interference seen in many older pedals
  • Point to Point turret board
  • 2 year Warranty

All pedals are built and wired completely by hand to the highest standards, I build pedals for myself and always strive for the most reliable and musically sounding effects!!

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