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Lard Effects

This is the Queens of the Stone Age sound in a pedal! Josh Homme has his MPF-1 pedal as a staple through out most of the QOTSA recordings and can be heard clearly throughout Rated-R!

This pedal is a clone of the famous Maestro MPF-1 that was designed by Bob Moog back in the 1970's for Gibson Norlin but brought up to date and with extra options. It is a parametric EQ with switch-able clean and distortion circuits which enables you to cut and boost by 20dB within the frequency range of 65Hz-3000Hz and add just the right amount of dirt to enhance your tone.

This is an almost exact clone of the circuit, the only changes being:

  • Separate switches for dirt/clean and EQ settings, this actually allows for the original sounds but also get the broad and dirt setting as well.
  • Controls are front mounted instead of on the side.
  • 3pdt Foot-switch instead of the whole shell acting as a switch.

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