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Lard Effects

This is the ultimate Fuzz pedal, so much fuzz on tap its crazy!

Designed originally for Bass Guitar by Chuck Zwicky but also amazing on Guitar this fuzz will give you the classic 60's/70's artillery-fire tone that you can never get with a regular fuzz on bass. The bottom end stays solid when you kick it in... A big muff styled EQ knob lets you tune in exactly how much high end goes through your amp and the pinch knob mutes any hiss and noise when you stop playing. Guitarists love it to, but once the bass player touches it, it's gone...

This pedal is an exact clone on the famous Zvex Woolly Mammoth but built on Point to Point style Turret board's for the extra Mojo and housed in a custom etched enclosure!

The Controls:

  • Pinch - The harmonic structure can be easily altered using this knob. It adjusts the pulse width of the waveform allowing for smooth creamy distortion through to heavily gated choppy distortion which gives you an absolutely eerie silence between notes.
  • Wool - controls the amount of gain in the circuit, adds a lovely woolliness around each note played, again this control interacts well with the pinch knob too get the sound you want.
  • Tone - Uses the classic Big Muff tone stack and is extremely versatile
  • Volume - Controls the output of the effect, allowing you to bring the pedal to unity gain.

Every pedal built by lard effects comes equipped with the highest standard parts listed below:

  • Rugged custom etched Die-cast Aluminium enclosure
  • Neutrix Fully enclosed Jack Sockets
  • 3PDT True Bypass Switch (Mechanical True Bypass)
  • Alpha or Bourns Potentiometers for longest life and smooth action
  • Boss 9v centre negative 2.1mm Power Option
  • Box/Mylar Capacitors - Creates a more detailed Hi-Fi sound
  • 1% tolerance metal film Resistors - Minimises interference seen in many older pedals
  • Point to Point turret board
  • 2 year Warranty

All pedals are built and wired completely by hand to the highest standards, I build pedals for myself and always strive for the most reliable and musically sounding effects!!

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