Langtronics Filthy Filter



Synthesized octave down with fuzzy oscillating frequency peculator.

This pedal has been totaly modified from an old but sturdy wah wah pedal. It is a noisey tone killing fuzz with filter and LFO. The Filthy Filter produces synthesized octave down effects and squelching laser beam effects.

The expression pedal controls the filter whilst the sensitivity can be adjusted to regulate how much the guitar signal will modulate the filter.

The threshold can be set low so the effect will go into self-oscillation.

There is also a volume and sensitivity control.

The best bit is the LFO, The LFO rate can be set manually by the pot on the right hand side or can be set by flicking a switch and using the expression pedal. There is also a ramp up/down switch. The LFO can be switched of altogether so the fuzz filter can be used in expression mode.

Features also include true bypass switching, LED on, LED indicator that will light depending on how hard guitar is played or flash with LFO.

Hand made in UK using quality components.

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