Lab Systems Duodrive


Lab Systems


  • Dual output Overdrive Pedal
  • Full CroBar Bypass
  • Our Duodrive pedal features two cascading overdrive controls, giving you precise control of the overdrive character, further enhanced by the filter control for maximum control of the smoothing By staggering two series stages of overdrive, you can achieve a huge variety of sounds and versatility, and generally find the right overdrive feel for the guitar.
  • The two level controls give you two individual output levels which can be selected via the level change footswitch.
  • Power is provided by either internal 9 volt battery, or optional 9 volt DC power Supply.


  • Chassis Construction: Tough two piece Powdercoated 1.6mm Steel
  • Switch Type: Metal push button style
  • Power Requirements: 9 Volt Battery, or optional 9 Volt DC Power Supply
  • Connectors: Standard 1/4" Jack
  • Finish: Black Texture Powerdercoat, with anodised aluminium faceplate

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