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The Spinyverb includes a spring reverb simulator and a stereo tremolo. Designed for use with an electric piano, it is possible to configure it for use with a guitar. The reverb time is 2,5 seconds and has a depth and re-injection adjustment. The tremolo is broken down into 4 time. For each of the 4 time it is possible to adjust the depth and position Left, Center, Right via a potentiometer and a selector. These settings offer a range of very interesting rhythmic effects. A mode selector lets you choose the form of attack tremolo. It is of course possible to combine the two effects. Unlike all Labo ? K Effects pedals, the Spinyverb is not True By Pass. It is possible to use it as a splitter to feed 2 amplifiers.

Features and Controls:

  • Reverberation On/Off switch (Verb)
  • Level of reverb (Reverb)
  • Degree of re-injection (Dwell)
  • Tremolo On/Off switch (Spin)
  • Tempo (Speed)
  • Tremolo depth (Depth)
  • Potition selector for each time of mesure L, C, R
  • Depth of each time of mesure
  • Attack mode
  • Power: AC adapter DC 9V (not included)

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