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The Heli Fuzz is classified in the family of sond "chopper". The signal is clipped by a Fuzz Ultra type stage. The sound processed by the fuzz can be chopped like a tremolo. It has a volume control, speed control (rotor) and a depth adjustment (Stator). A mode selector has two positions (Push) and (Pull) to choose the direction of the hash. Push mode provides a percuting hash. Pull mode achieves an effect approaching the reverse effect. It also has a control input of the rotor. It is possible to connect several kinds of commands in this entry:

  • A selector for selecting acurate hash speeds very useful in studio or when a particular tempo must be respected.
  • A command LABO K EFFECTS External Remote which adjusts the rotor speed without getting on your knees. (Mounted on a microphone stand for example).
  • A pedal to control the speed of the hash with your foot while playing the instrument, eg EV5-FV60 Expression Pedal from Roland.

Features and Controls:

  • 3PDT True Bypass
  • Volume
  • Speed (Rotor)
  • Depht (Stator)
  • Mode (Push-Pull)
  • External control input for the Rotor
  • Power supply: 9V battery or external power supply (not supplied)

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