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The Haggis Pi

The Haggis Pi is an exact copy of an original 1973 Ram’s Head Muff that I own. This pedal was dissected and analyzed thoroughly. Voltages of the Haggis PI are extremely close to my original. I have played through so many muffs. I truly love them! I’ve had ones that were awesome and some that were poor. I kept this one because it was… well, just incredible. It sits here with me forever. All of the original components were measured; transistor gain stages (Hfe) were analyzed. See below for more info…..

I have been modding/repairing pedals for many years. After seeing so many homemade muff versions laid out on eBay I decided to give it my own shot. What I can tell you why my pedal is different from the others is I do not use mass production transistors like you get from the majority of boutique pedal makers that you have seen here on eBay, even the big names that are quite successful. You get top of the line components, no expense was spared in making these pedals. I will guarantee complete satisfaction, that is how confident I am with this product. I’m confident due to wonderful feedback I’ve received from buyers in the past from modding their pedals to these specs and the many months spent on the testing phase of this product.


  • Cloned 1973 Ram's Head Circuit Board #3003
  • Contains 2N5133 NOS transistors which have the same characteristics as the original famed FS 36999 Transistors that came with these pedals.
  • Highest quality Alpha brand pots of the correct value.
  • Neutrik jacks.
  • Highest quality resistors and capacitors.
  • DC Power Jack: The standard size 2.1mm Boss style connector for power adaptors.
  • Heavy duty battery clip.
  • True bypass Wired. New 3DPT foot switch wired for true bypass. No loss of high frequencies!

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