K.S. Aji Violet Drive


K.S. Aji Tone Workshop

A simple one knob yet excellent sounding overdrive/distortion pedal that sounds like a saturated British amp, although it only has only one knob it offers lots of different shades of tone by varying or controlling your guitar volume level, tone and picking dynamics.


  • One control knobs (output level) overdrive pedal
  • using high quality Metal Boxed Capacitor for better clarity & less noise
  • Bright clear 5 mm matching led indicator
  • 1% tolerance resistor on signal path
  • Socketed Audiophile dual Bi-FET
  • Hammond Die-cast Aluminium Enclosure
  • TRUE BYPASS switching
  • Cool retro look decal (using waterslide decal paper)
  • Will only run on 9V DC power supply (negative center) -> will NOT run on a battery

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