K.S. Aji Verb-Box


K.S. Aji Tone Workshop

Spring reverb in a stompbox pedal without the springs! no banging noises, just pure spring reverb tone, it can handle your needs of reverb from subtle to surf.


  • Utilizing  Accu-Bel digital spring reverb module (same company that manufactured Accutronics spring reverb pan)
  • SIMPLE & INTUITIVE layout, with only 2 big size control knobs
  • MK or a high quality Metal Boxed Capacitor for better clarity & less noise
  • Bright matching 5mm LED indicator
  • 1% tolerance resistor on signal path
  • Socketed Audiophile Op-amp (Burr Brown OPA2134PA)
  • Hammond Die-cast Aluminium Enclosure
  • TRUE BYPASS switching
  • Cool retro look decal (using waterslide decal paper)
  • Will run on 9V DC power supply (negative center)

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