K.S. Aji Valve Creamer - Tube Overdrive


K.S. Aji Tone Workshop

Here we have an overdrive pedal, our hand made VALVE CREAMER tube overdrive pedal, this pedal is a refinement of my original Blues Creamer. This pedal is the answer to all guitarists who need the sound of crunchy overdrive to singing searing lead with long sustain & sounds that can cut through a heavy mix.


  • TRUE BYPASS so it wont suck out your great guitar tone when it's off
  • SIMPLE & INTUITIVE layout, with only 3 big size control knobs
  • MK or a high quality Metal Boxed Capacitor for better clarity & less noise
  • Selected 12AX7 (ECC83) vacuum tube
  • Brighter led indicator - bright blue
  • 1% tolerance resistor on signal path
  • Socketed Op-amp (two hi-fi audio chips Texas Instrument RC4558P & Burr Brown OPA2134PA used on this pedal)
  • Die-cast Aluminium Enclosure (professionally spray painted)
  • High quality- heavy duty 3PDT true bypass stomp switch
  • Cool looking decal
  • Will run on 12vDC negative center power supply (400-1000 mA)

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