K.S. Aji Trondolo - Classic Tremolo


K.S. Aji

TRONDOLO means bad boy in Javanese tongue.

With just 2 control knobs & 1 switch, you can create almost any tremolo sound you can imagine. From smooth silky vibrato-like tone to crazy helicopter/machine gun sound. This pedal also has quiet & noise free operation thanks to the audiophile chip in it. If you've been searching for a great sounding tremolo effect then this is the one you're looking for.


  • DEPTH, RATE control knobs & square/sine WAVE toggle switch
  • TRUE BYPASS so it wont suck out your great guitar tone when it's off
  • MK or a high quality Metal Boxed Capacitor for better clarity & less noise
  • 1% tolerance metal film resistor for consistency & durability
  • Brighter led - matching bright led :)
  • Burr Brown OPA2134PA audiophile dual opamp
  • Die-cast Hammond Aluminium Enclosure (professionally spray painted)
  • High quality- heavy duty 3PDT stomp switch
  • Retro look decal
  • Will run on 9V battery or BOSS/Ibanez' TS style dc adapter (negative centre)

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