K.S. Aji Red Creamer


  • Drive
  • High
  • Level
  • Low


K.S. Aji Tone Workshop

Specifications & Features:

  • Based on Blues Creamer overdrive with active EQ (High & Low)
  • Using similar IC, transistor & clipping diodes found on vintage '80s TS808 (TI RC4558P, 2SC2458 transistors & 1S2076 diodes)
  • More versatile with EQ control to shape your sound
  • Utilising the best components (Germany WIMA caps, silver mica, Panasonic metalized polyester caps, audio grade electrolityc caps, 1% metal film resistors)
  • True Bypass using 3PDT heavy-duty foot switch
  • Compact size, small footprint to save space on your board
  • Hammond die-cast aluminium enclosure
  • Power adaptor 9vDC (BOSS PSA) or 9V battery (not included)

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