K.S. Aji Echologue - Analog Delay


K.S. Aji Tone Workshop

You are looking on a warm vintage like echo/delay guitar effect pedal but less noise like the old tape echo, this effect has everything you might need on an analog echo/delay, when on active mode this effect will give you a slight reverb effect, the delay time is up to 600 ms.

The Features:

  • DELAY, LEVEL & REPEAT control knobs
  • TRUE BYPASS so it wont suck out your great guitar tone when it's off
  • Germany WIMA or a high quality Metal Film & Metalized Polyester Capacitor for better clarity & less noise
  • 1% tolerance metal film resistor for consistency & durability
  • Brighter led - matching bright green led :)
  • Socketed Op-amp (PT2399 delay/echo chip and hi-fi audiophile grade Burr-Brown OPA2134PA for noiseless & quiet operation)
  • Aluminium Enclosure (professionally spray painted)
  • High quality- heavy duty 3PDT stomp switch
  • Retro look decal
  • Will run on 9V battery or BOSS/Ibanez' TS style dc adapter (negative centre)


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