K.S. Aji Comp*Box - Compressor/Sustainer


K.S. Aji Tone Workshop

You are looking on a clone of the famous gray Ross Compressor which is known for it's smoothness compression and attack response.

The Ross design is updated with true bypass switching and the finest components, providing clean, smooth compression with low noise and incredible transparency. You will notice note-to-note levels that are smoother and more consistent, chords and picking that is tighter and more focused.

When used with an overdriven amp or pedal, you will hear the note sustains longer with minimal coloration to your guitar signal and less of the note-attack alterations so common to other compressors.

This compressor will not make your tone sounds muddy. 100% satisfaction guarantee!

The Features:

  • TRUE BYPASS so it wont suck out your great guitar tone when it's off
  • Using high quality Boxed Metal Film capacitor for coupling caps and Tantalum Capacitor for decoupling/bypass caps
  • Brighter led - bright yellow/orange led :)
  • Socketed Op-amp (CA3080E used on this pedal - similar to the original grey ROSS compressor)
  • Carefully measured & selected 2SC1849 / C1849 transistors (the same transistor used on ROSS' & other famous boutique compressor pedal)
  • 1% tolerance Metal Film resistor for sound consistency & durability
  • Aluminium Enclosure (professionally spray painted)
  • High quality- heavy duty stomp switch
  • Retro look decal
  • Will run on 9V battery (RECOMMENDED for lower noise) or BOSS style dc adapter (center pin negative)

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