Krok 2401 Vocoder (Крок 2401 вокодер)


  • Vocoder (On/Off)
  • Modulator Input Gain
  • Carrier Input Gain
  • Low/Mid/High Timbre
  • Internal Generator (On/Off)


  • Modulator In/Thru (DIN)
  • Carrier In/Thru (DIN)
  • Output (DIN)
  • Headphones (DIN)


Info by Artemio of Artemiolabs

Krok 2401 is a 24-band analogue vocoder manufactured in USSR in late 1980s. It has a very warm sound, and, by using the modulator/carrier gain controls, you can create light or very intensive vocoder effects, even with a bit of overdrive. Krok 2401 lets you use external modulator and carrier, as well as external modulator with internal pitch-controllable carrier generator. An on-board 3-band timbre controls (EQ) adds an ability to adjust the final sound shape. The speciemen depicted here has been manufactured in 1988 by GeoPhisPribor factory in Kiev, Ukraine.

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  • Power supply
    220 V, 50 Hz
  • power consumption
    25 W.

Where to find one?

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