Kramer CM-1 Compressor


  • Level
    controls the output volume
  • Attack
    controls how fast the compressor responds to an incoming peak
  • Sustain
    controls how long notes will be sustained



By using the three controls - LEVEL, ATTACK & SUSTAIN, the Kramer Compressor pedal allows you to pack your sound down to a dense, pressurized stream of power. All the great tone and big amp sustain but without the high-volume levels often needed to get it. A MUST for any stomp box rig!

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  • Power
    9V Battery / AC Adaptor (optional)
  • Current Draw
    DC 9V, 4.0mA
  • Compression Range
  • Equivalent Input Noise
    -110dBm (IHF-A)
  • Maximum Input
    -10dBm (1kHz)
  • Maximum Output
  • Input Impedance
    1M ohm
  • Dimensions
    130mm(W) x 59mm(H) x 72mm(D), 5.1”(W) x 2.3”(H) x 2.8”(D)
  • Weight
    300g or 11oz.

Where to find one?

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