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The small Megavibe is modeled after an "original" 1969 Univox Uni-Vibe and feature the authentic circuitry-Exactly the same as the original Megavibe & also features the original LFO circuitry w/incandescent lamp & four photocells (enclosed in metal housing) exactly like an original vibe!

The small Megavibe is housed in a smaller rugged aluminum housing that measures: 4.7"x3.7"x2.4" - Half the size of the original Megavibe and includes heavy duty DPDT footswitch for true bypass, volume, intensity & speed controls, rate LED indicator light, chorus/vibrato selector switch and external jack for speed pedal (speed pedal not included).

The Small Megavibe comes with a 12vdc adapter for power supply. The small Megavibe features the exact same sound & circuitry as the original Megavibe but is more pedalboard friendly!

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