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KR Musical Products

This is my version of a vintage 60's Superfuzz (the original grey Superfuzz)-(pictures coming soon). The original 60's grey Superfuzz was much smoother sounding than the typical early 70's Superfuzz that sounded more fuzzy that the original grey 60's Superfuzzes - History has it that Pete Townshend of the Who used a grey Superfuzz from around 68 thru 71 - and legend has it that Pete used one at Live at Leeds (playing his famous red Gibson SG thru an early Superfuzz).

The Manic Distortion features the authetic circuitry and silicon transistors and octave/fuzz circuit as found in original Superfuzzes of the late 60's and features a switch for tone(bass and treble), true bypass, on/off LED indicator light, volume and fuzz control and DC jack for 9v adapter(not included).

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