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My version of the 60's wah pedal. Have you ever noticed how many wahs sound really hard in your face when you rock em from bass to treble? I have alway loved the smoother sound of Jimi's wah on 'Up from the skies' and also the sound of the wah on the live version of Red House from the San Diego Sports Arena (may 69)- from in the west LP and the wah on Voodoo Child (slight return) and Ezy Ryder at the Berkeley Community Center (may 70).

My goal was to make a wah that sounds smoother and more liquid like.

I've made 2 for Randy Hansen -he totally loves em- and I also did this wah for Steve Stevens.

The Killer Wah features authentic 60's wah circuitry, hand wound halo inductor (wound with original 60s enameled wire!) and two custom made silicon transistors to get the sound.the Killer Wah also features true bypass and an on/off LED indicator light and yes this baby is quiet!

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