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The Gypsy Fuzz is a unique vintage style circuitry that features both PNP & NPN silicon transistors for a smoother vintage style fuzz tone. The Gypsy Fuzz has more gain & smoother high end than a typical Fuzz Face & metal type distortion pedals & also cleans up when you roll down your guitars volume control. If you're looking for a fuzz that sounds smoother than a fuzz but has just a little more bite than an overdrive then look no further -this fuzz is for those who want something in between an overdrive and a fuzz while not having the buzzyness of fuzzes -it gives your strat that extra bite- The Gypsy Fuzz between a Strat & a Marshall Plexi Superlead is total heaven!

Features include volume & fuzz.controls, jack for 9v power supply(power supply not included),on/off LED. 9v battery required.

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