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The Fuzz Child is modeled after the original circuit design of late 60's Fuzz Face units.The Fuzz Face became famous for it's use by Jimi Hendrix & other musicians during the late 60's & early 70's. The original "Arbiter" Fuzz Face units featured PNP (NKT 275) germanium transistors & to some are the holy grail of Fuzz Faces.

later 60's production models of the Fuzz Face units called "Dallas Arbiter" Fuzz Faces featured NPN silicon (BC 108C) transistors which had more gain than earlier Fuzz Faces & sounded harsher.

The Fuzz Child features the authentic Fuzz Face circuitry w/ custom hand selected npn silicon transistors & tuned for the smoothest fuzz Face tone, I've compared the Fuzz Child against top notch sounding original PNP (NKT 275) Fuzz Faces & the Fuzz Child sounded smoother, warmer & cleaner due to top quality (hand selected) vintage style components.

The Fuzz Child also doesn't pick up radio signals like original NPN silicon transistor type Fuzz Faces do & cleans up when you roll down your guitars volume control and doesn't sound brighter like Fuzz Faces that feature npn silicon transistors.

Features include volume & fuzz controls, jack for 9v power supply, on/off LED. 9v battery required.

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