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“The Conqueror” is modeled after the fuzz that was built into in the rare Vox solid state Defiant and Conqueror amps used by the Beatles on Sgt Peppers and the White Album to get that piercing lead tone and also used on the stones sympathy for the devil lead guitar solo tone.  This is like the lost Beatles/Stones late 60's tone which is not available anywhere and was used by both the Beatles and Stones on recordings from 67-68.  The Conqueror features a fuzz tone circuit, a midrange boost tone circuit, and a 3 way selector switch to dial in different Beatles tones. It also includes bass and treble to go from thick fuzz to bright piercing lead tones as heard on Sgt Peppers and the White Album.

These are extremely rare and hard to come by as it is believed there are only 3 of these known to exist in the world.

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