Korg VC-10 Vocoder


  • Tune
    The keyboard is tuned to A=440Hz when this control is at the center position. Use this knob to adjust the pitch of the VC-10 to match other instruments. (Sing or speak into the mike while tuning).
  • Octave
    If you switch the OCTAVE switch to UP, the keyboard range will be raised by one octave.
  • Input Signal Level
    The VC-10 has two inherent sound sources: the keyboard and a noise generator. By adding a little noise you can get more realistic sibilant sounds, (e.g. "S", "Z", "SH", "CH" and "J"). If you turn this knob all the way clockwise, you will have noise as your only sound source; this gives a eerie "crowdlike" effect.
  • External Signal Level
    controls the level of the external signal.
  • Meter Select
    selects the source to be shown on the meter: mic/keyboard
  • Mic Level
    controls the input level of the microphone
  • Headphone Level
    controls the output level for the headphone
  • Output Balance
    (Power Switch / Final Volume)
    To adjust the balance between the unprocessed mike signal (natural voice) and the "synthesized" sound produced by the Vocoder.
  • External Pitch Control
    controls how much the CV input controls the pitch of the keyboard
  • Ensemble
    Turning on ENSEMBLE switch produces a "chorus" effect. Playing additional keys adds even more voices. (This effect is added to the final output signal after it has been affected by the OUTPUT BALANCE control.
  • Vibrato Depth
    controls the depth of the vibrato
  • Vibrato Speed
    controls the speed of the vibrato
  • Accent Bend
    This control adds a slight pitch wavering effect so that the sound produced is more like a human voice. Turn clockwise for a stronger effect.
  • Pitch Bend
    An extremely creative device. The center detent makes it easy to return quickly to normal pitch. Rotate toward the control panel to raise the pitch by a fifth; rotate towards you to lower the pitch by a fifth.


  • Mic Input (2)
    2 mic inputs: one jack input, one input for the Korg MC-01 microphone.
  • Final Output
    audio output.
  • Headphone Output
    headphone output.
  • External Signal input
    input to use an external sound signal as the basis for voice simulation.
  • External Pitch Control Input
    CV input to control the pitch of the MS-10 oscillator.


Used by:

  • Jean-Michel Jarre
  • Laurie Anderson
  • Isao Tomita
  • Keith Emerson
  • Apollo 440
  • Tangerine Dream
  • Yes

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