Korg ToneWorks AX10G Modeling Signal Processor


Korg ToneWorks

The Toneworks AX10G Guitar Modeling Effect Processor is a compact multi-effect processor that packs a ton of dead-on amp and effect models generated using Korg's highly acclaimed REMS modeling technology. 11 amp models. 26 carefully selected effects. 40 preset and 40 user-editable programs cover all musical styles. Knob-based controls include a tap switch for setting delay. Output amp/line switch for live or studio flexibility. Program lock/hold function to prevent onstage accidents. The expression pedal offers realtime control of your sound.


  • 11 accurately crafted amp models generated by Korg's REMS technology
  • 26 carefully selected effects delivering a wide range of tonal variation
  • 40 preset programs covering all musical styles, plus 40 user locations for edited presets
  • Expression pedal for realtime control
  • Knob-based interface for intuitive control, and a simple panel layout
  • Tap switch for on-the-fly setting of delay time
  • AMP/LINE select switch for connection to amp, mixer, recorder, or any other destination
  • Built-in Korg Chromatic Auto Tuner with mute function
  • Compact, portable design that fits into the pocket of your gig bag
  • Program Lock/Hold function eliminates accidental knob turns during onstage use
  • 2-way power supply: runs on battery or AC adapter (optional)

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