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KOMA Elektronik

The modular synth guys hanging out at our workspace always shout that their modular effects are nicer and way more versatile than the ones you can buy at the guitar stores today. We agree. That’s why we created this monster of an effect that runs with one foot in the guitar world and with the other one in the world of modular synthesizers, grabbing the best of two worlds on the way. The SH103 is a sample and hold controlled waveform summing amplifier. We know it sounds weird, trust us; it is. Basically it grabs splinters of your sound, processes it through a Game Boy like oscillator and adds the outcome to the original signal. This will allow you to completely change the timbre of your sound. Especially with our new innovative expression controller you’ll steal the show. The SH103 comes standard with a solid footswitch, multiple inputs, an audio and control voltage patchbay and our new innovative expression controller. Waveform madness!

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