KOMA Elektronik HN104 Harmonic Enhancer/Reducer



KOMA Elektronik

Being alone is no fun at all. Being with others however, is far more interesting. That’s exactly how the notes you play also think about it and that’s why we came up with the HN104, a harmonics enhancer/reducer with fuzzy side effects that can add lower frequencies as well. Have you ever been in the situation that you were playing the coolest licks, but the harmonics were just not hitting it? With the HN104 you just flip the switch and they’re gone, or they pop up from the deep depths of your sound. Cool huh? As an extra you can dive even deeper and add a full bass octave to whatever riff you’re playing, to give that extra push we all need once in a while. The HN104 comes standard with a solid footswitch, multiple inputs, an audio and control voltage patchbay and our new innovative expression controller. Go for it!

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