Koda KD-19 Dynamic Filter


  • Freq.
    Resonance Knob
  • Range
    Envelope Depth
  • Slide
    Controls the filter characteristics, continuously variable from low-pass via band-pass to high-pass
  • Attack
    Controls the compression of the envelope. It does not induce the attack time.


Exar (who bought Koda's stock)

"We stopped the production of the KD-19 because problems appeared with the stability of the work."


The KD-19 dynamic filter is a type of the popular Wah-Wah effect. Via its construction it allows control of a band-pass filter using the envelope of the signal coming from the instrument. An important role in the FX way of working is connected with the technique and type of playing style. The stronger the incoming envelope is, the higher the filter is tuned. The wideness of the frequency range that is being processed depends on the SLIDE regulation knob. The size of underlining lower frequencies in the processed band is controlled by the ATTACK knob. To fully use the capabilities of the processor, the FX should be driven by a highly dynamic signal, that means the processor shouldn't be plugged after devices such as a COMPRESSOR or LIMITER.

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  • Input Impedance
    470 kOhm
  • Output Impedance
    10 kOhm
  • Filter Range
    0.1-1.5 kHz
  • Residual Noise level
    85 dBm (IHF-A)
  • Power Voltage
    9V DC
  • Current Consumption
    16 mA
  • Dimensions
    80x130x55 mm
  • Weight
    450 g
coda kd19

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