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When Dolf decided to design a tube preamp for guitar, he felt it should combine as many high quality features as possible. The result of his effort, is the Pedaltone. Heavy duty components housed in a stainless steel shell, combine two individually controlled channels with a host of options that leave the user with no less than 16 separate sounds at his discression. Channel 1 Clean, Channel 1 Enhanced, Channel 2 Distortion and Channel 2 Distortion Boost provide the first four sounds.

The first three 12AX7 preamp tubes send these classic Koch tones to virtually any input imaginable; from your favorite amp to any type of recording/PA console. The fourth 12AX7 tube acts as a 0.5 watt Power Amp, with its own Gain & Volume controls adding depth and attitude. Combining this Power Amp feature to any of the first four sounds now gives the user the option of eight individual and unique settings. The final feature on the Pedaltone is the famous Koch Solo/Rhythm control, which acts as a switchable second Master Volume. Engaging this feature allows the user two (foot switchable) volume levels per setting (a user controllable ‘rhythm', and full ‘solo' volume) doubling the number of settings available to 16. Engaging the FX Loop allows the addition of your favorite effects, and the Headphone jack allows the Pedaltone to be used anywhere….anytime.

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