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Can you hear the sounds coming from the woods? The steely strokes of his axe echoing glassy through the forest separated from the thuds of the chopped trees. It's TYLER - a man rough and towering, his flannel shirt is spiked with strands, wielding his steely axe with only one aim: Splitting up your sound.

KMA Audio Machines bring you the ultimate tool, especially for bass players to develop new sounds and push your creativity to new limits. TYLER - The Frequency Splitter is an active and variable two channel crossover/signalsplitter. It divides your signal in a HIGH PASS and a LOW PASS path. Both filter having a 12db/Oct. roll-off with a variable cut-off frequency from 20Hz to 3kHz. Each channel has its own footswitchable buffered FX-Loop to process your lows (WOOD) or your highs (STEEL) with independent effect-chains in parallel. The MIX knob controls the ratio of the low- and high-pass signal. The range goes from 100% LP over to a 50/50 ratio until 100% HP fully clockwise. The mix control has a flat response with equally chosen cut-off frequencies for the LP and HP to avoid notches or bumps. The LEVEL control can boost your mixed signal up to 14dB, if needed. We added internal trimpots to control the impedance for the general input and each effect-loop, which is pretty handy when you want to insert your favorite fuzz pedal and a phase inverter to avoid any phase cancellation issues with external pedals inserted.

Some examples: Bass players want to retain their low end while using their favorite fuzz or dirt pedal. Insert your dirt box in the highpass FX-Loop and adjust the cut-off frequency of the high- and lowpass to your needs. Dial in your preferred ratio of the low- and high-pass signal, engage the STEEL footswitch and you will never turn of TYLER again. You can also insert different modulation pedals, e.g. a lush phaser for the lows and a nice shimmering delay for the highs and it will sound like two different guitars. Mix up modulation pedals with any dirt pedals, for a very articulated and punchy sound coming from one amp. As you can see, TYLER is like a swiss army knife for your sound, a tool, a source of creativity - so take your axe and let the magic happen.

Every pedal is designed, assembled, silkscreened, tested and numbered by hand in our small workshop. We use external manufactured PCBs to guarantee our high-quality standard and keep the price of our pedals reasonable. The use of an indestructible powder-coated die-cast enclosure ensures a maximum durability.

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