Klon Centaur


Bill Finnegan (Klon designer/builder) about the reissues with the centaur figure

Here is the story on this unit and on some other such units - units with screenprinting that includes the long-discontinued centaur figure.

I have not sold any units with screenprinting that includes the figure since January 2002, and I am not selling these - I am giving them to a very close friend of mine who's a single mom and who, through no fault of her own, has had an uphill battle financially since the birth of her child.

Over the years since early 2002, I've told people time and again that I would never sell another Centaur unit with screenprinting that includes the figure - screenprinting that I consider to be aesthetically flawed BECAUSE of the figure - and I intend to keep that promise.

However many of these (reissue) units I build with the old castings with one or the other version of the old screenprinting (there were two centaur figures, the original clunky one from the beginning of production in December 1994 until November 1999, and a revised, somewhat-improved one from November 1999 until January 2002) that have been kicking around here since I came up with the current (and final) screenprinting. Each and every one of them I will be giving to my friend to help her live to fight another day.



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