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Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) got his first Tremulant pedal years ago. Nowadays musicians are facing transportation problems mostly because of the airplane companies limitations. After having a chat with Lee Ranaldo about the Tremulant that he already uses we decided to make a new version which is smaller in size and also lighter. The sound tonality stays the same, the only noticeable difference is that there is no LED for the Rate anymore. This for some users was very distracting, therefore I decided to remove it.

It has a heavy-duty true-bypass footswitch and four controls that manipulate the rate, the depth, the drive and the level of the signal.

It is designed for sine wave tremolo effect tones with symmetrical modulation and frequency range(rate) from 1Hz to 13Hz.
With the Depth knob you can adjust the modulation level from 0% to 100% if you want more "choppy" effect.

The drive stage is after the modulation circuit and it's adjustable. The more gain you give the more the peaks of the modulated signal gets distorted.

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