Kleissonic Tremulant



The Tremulant is a tremolo pedal,that the input signal is modulated by a sine wave VLFO.Is housed in a 120-95-34mm die-cast aluminium box.Includes a heavy duty true-bypass footswitch,9Volt DC power jack,chassis mounted input/output jacks and controls that manipulate the rate,depth,drive and level. The tremulant has also on/off LED indicator and LED to indicate the tremolo rate.


  • Rate:Sets the tremolo frequency of a sine wave VLFO(Very Low Frequency Oscillator) in the range of 1 to 13Hz.
  • Depth:Adjusts the modulation level.This can be from 0% to 90%. All the way left is 0% modulation and that means clear signal without tremolo effect.All the way right is 90%.
  • Drive:Sets the amount of drive-distortion.Turn it all the way left,to have a clear modulated signal that comes from the pick-up of the guitar(or whatever instrument you like).
  • Level:Sets the output level.

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