Kleissonic Screaming Skull



The screaming Skull is a self oscillated fuzz.It's a superbly versatile pedal and entirely handbuilt.It has five control knobs,clear-gain-filter-oscillator-volume.Three switches change the mode of operation.A DPDT stomp switch that turns the pedal on/off and another one that turns the oscillator on/off.There is also a toggle switch for the filter operation.The built-in oscillator makes a lot of 'annoying' noise,when oscillator's stomp switch is on. That makes this pedal very interesting for every shoegazer. On the other hand,when the oscillator is not operated, you can have clean and warm fuzzy sound.


  • Clear:That changes the timbre of the sound. Also produces background noises in different mode of operation.
  • Gain: Sets the amount of distortion.
  • Oscillator: This sets the frequency(pitch)of the oscillator,which is engaged with a stomp switch and squelches noise after end of sustain.
  • Filter: It's a Low Pass filter, which is also engaged with a toggle switch. Volume:Sets the output level.

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