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Kleissonic  announces the new “Lucid” Dynamic Fuzz Pedal.

Berlin,Germany – April 14, 2016 – Two years after the last successfull release by Kleissonic Boutique Pedals, an extremely versatile and pioneering Fuzz pedal was finally unleashed, the Lucid. It comes with just two controls, Volume and Harmonics – that's right, no Gain/Fuzz control! The Harmonics knob adjusts the harmonic consistency and range of the signal and the Volume knob controls the overall output. Gain can be adjusted by the volume control of the guitar, without changing the overall volume level. 

Lucid essentially brings the power back where it belongs – the guitarist's hands! It is extremely responsive to the player's dynamics and guitar tone and volume knobs, offering an unlimited range of tones right at the player's fingertips.

It cleans up nicely when you turn it down and doesn't get lost in the mix when it's cranked.  The tone control of  the guitar is also very effective and it doesn't get lost in the gain stages.

Lucid highlights include:

  • Ideal also for studio and recording use.
  • Choose your favourite fuzz colour with Lucid's unique harmonic control.
  • Low noise operation. No buzz or hiss when input signal at minimum.
  • Extremely sensitive to playing dynamics.
  • Great response witth either cold or hot pickups.
  • High input impedance, so there is no need for additional preamp when used with a piezo pickup.
  • Wide range of power supply voltages from 9-18 Volts.


  • True Bypass
  • Input impedance: 3,8MOhm
  • Output impedance: 9,5KOhm
  • Power: Battery or center negative tip from 9-18 Volts DC
  • Low power consumption <2mA at 9VDC.
  • Dimensions:111 x 60 x 32 (mm)
  • Weight: 270 gr

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