Kirkland Audio Solstice - Germanium Drive Unit


Ryan Kirkland

I would like to officially introduce the “Solstice” All germanium drive unit. Based on an original design of mine from 2009 , It maintains the integrity of the original design , with added features for more control and tonal shaping . 

Extra controls:

  • The added feedback control does 2 things:  
    • Turned down= tightens the low end, and also lowers the gain.  
    • Turned up= Gain increases and things loosen up. Subtle but very effective. 
  • Clip switch
    • Down=Silicon: more compressed saturation. 
    • Up= mosfet/germanium combo: more open and very responsive to pick attack .
  • Charge switch- Changes signal capacitors introducing various ranges of frequencies to be clipped .. This also affects the amount of signal that hits the final part of the circuit. 
    • Down position= Mid frequency, low - Mid gain.
    • Middle position= Introduces more bass as well as added gain .. 
    • Up position is FULL ON .. super thick , compressed and splat type fuzz tones .

Legitimately goes from mild to wild. From extremely sexy bluesy overdrive tones, to rich , thick nasty spongy fuzz tones . 

All the while , retain the ability to control gain maintaining clarity with just the guitars volume control. 

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