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The Page is designed to provide a clean boost, a slightly dirty boost, or to push another pedal or amplifier into overdrive.

The single Tungsol 12ax7 runs at high voltage for a full, rich and dynamic tube sound. The 9VDC power supply (provided) is converted to both 6.3VDC for the tube heaters and 275VDC for the tube plates.


With controls for gain, volume and tone, as well as a 3-way mode switch, the Page is a very versatile and warm sounding boost pedal. The gain control allows clean up to slightly crunchy tones. The latter are very touch sensitive and are great for mild overdrive/distortion with a very touch sensitive bite. The simple but effective tone control rolls off highs at the output, while the 3-way mode switch provides normal, bright and mid boost modes. The mid-boost mode tightens up the sound and is excellent for pushing an amp or OD pedal for more break-up.

Dimensions: 3 7/8” wide x 4 ¾” deep

Power requirements: 9VDC @ 500mA

Price: $260


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2018-01-229/10  Sitting in the queue for the DS now, and the Maiden D plus the EQ Boost. Classiest sounding kit I've ever heard.Might cause some dust to gather on my ordinary pedals. We'll see.

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