Kingsley Minstrel - Overdrive



The Minstrel is a single channel tube overdrive that offers the sound and many of the features of the Kingsley Jester in a smaller enclosure. The circuitry and high quality construction are the same as in the Jester.

Features include Gain, Volume, Treble, Middle and Bass controls as well as a 3-way mode switch. Like the Jester, Jouster and Juggler the Minstrel uses a 12VAC adapter, which is stepped up inside the pedal for 250VDC tube operation. In this way a real and dynamic tube sound is achieved, comparable to that of some of the finest tube amplifiers.

The Minstrel provides a wide variety of overdrive tones; mode 1 is for low gain, edge of break-up sounds; mode 2 is for medium gain overdive and mode 3 is for medium to high gain rock sounds.

For those that are familiar with the Kingsley Jester, this is how the Minstrel compares functionally:
The Jester has an overdrive channel and a boost and the ability to combine the overdrive with the boost. The Minstrel does not have a separate boost, but is the same as the combination of the overdrive and boost channels of the Jester in a single channel unit. In other words the resultant sound is like playing a Jester with both the overdrive and boost channels engaged.
The 3-way mode switch on the Minstrel gives three ranges of gain (low, medium and high). Mode 1 is the lowest gain mode, mode 2 has more gain and is fatter, and mode 3 is the highest gain mode and has a more aggressive rock sound, similar to the high gain tone of the Jouster, but with the ability to further tweak the sound with the Minstrel's 3-band EQ.

The dimensions of the Kingsley Mistrel will be approximately 4.75" wide x 5.375" deep. This represents a little more than half the area of a Jester.

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