Kingsley Juggler - Tube Pre-Amp



Anouncing a new Kingsley pre-amp pedal, with a clean channel and an overdrive channel.

The Juggler shares the same size enclosure as the Kingsley Jester and Kingsley Jouster but has full featured clean channel and a footswitchable overdrive sound.

The clean channel features volume, treble, middle, bass and clean master controls. There is also a 3-way clean mode switch that changes the treble response for a progressively thicker sound. When in OD mode all the same controls are still active, except for the clean master which is replaced with an OD master. A 3-way OD mode switch offers 3 different presence settings. The clean channel of the Juggler produces classic American-type clean sounds. Use it as a stand alone pre-amp for driving a power amp, or as a second clean channel for your guitar amplifier, or as a full featured boost.

When in OD mode two more gain stages are added after the clean channel circuitry. The result is a very nice mild to moderate overdrive that sounds like the clean sound but with some overdrive added. The tone controls are pre-drive circuitry, allowing the user to determine which frequencies are overdriven, while the volume control sets the amount of gain. An OD master control sets the output level. The 3-way OD mode switch allows some seperation between the EQ of the clean sound and the overdrive sound.

Like the Jester and Jouster, the Juggler uses two 12ax7s running at high voltage. Although the Juggler is powered by a 12VAC adapter, this voltage is stepped up inside the enclosure to 250 VDC, for a real and dynamic tube sound.

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