Kingsley Jouster - Double Drive



Anouncing a new Kingsley double overdrive pedal, with two separate and footswitchable channels.

The Jouster shares the same size enclosure as the Kingsley Jester, but has two independent overdrive channels, rather than an overdrive and a boost.

Each overdrive circuit (OD 1 and OD 2) has the following controls - gain, volume, tone and 3-way mode switch. Mode 1 is for low to medium gain sounds and is the fullest sounding mode. Mode 2 adds a little more gain, and supplies a tighter and more present sound. Mode 3 smoothes out the treble response of mode 2. While OD 1 sounds rich and smooth and shares many of the attributes of the Kingsley Jester (with simpler controls), OD 2 has more gain and is voiced more aggressively, resulting in excellent rock tones with very good dynamics and note definition.

Like the Jester, the Jouster uses two 12ax7s running at high voltage. Although the Jouster is powered by a 12VAC adapter, this voltage is stepped up inside the enclosure to 250 VDC, for a real and dynamic tube sound.


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