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The Kingsley Jester - a point to point wired tube overdrive pedal, with foot-switchable boost. Also check out the Kingsley Jouster overdrive.

The Jester version 2 is now shipping. Version 2 includes the following updates:

  1. more gradual volume taper
  2. increased bass response
  3. better interaction with other pedals and bright amps.

The Kingsley Jester is a tube overdrive pedal that uses two 12ax7 tubes running at high voltage. The circuit is point to point wired and features hard-wire by-pass on/off footswitches.

The overdrive circuit is designed to capture the essence of the Kingsley Deluxe series overdrive tone in a footpedal format. The circuit is based on the overdrive channels of the Deluxe 32 and ToneBaron amplifiers, with the necessary adjustments made to allow the circuit to drive the front end of other amps.

The controls are: gain, volume, treble, middle and bass, with a three-way voicing switch that changes the gain range from low to medium to high.

A seperate foot-switchable tube boost function is also included with a boost level control. This boost circuit can function with the Jester ovedrive circuit or independently as a clean boost. The boost is situated after the overdrive circuit, so that when combined with the overdrive, it acts as a true boost. Effectively this means that the the user has four footswitchable sounds available: by-pass, clean boost, overdrive and boosted overdrive. The boost on its own works great for a clean boost or for pushing the front end of an amp into overdrive.

The Jester uses a 12VAC adapter (which is supplied with the pedal). The tube filaments are DC operated and the 12VAC gets stepped up inside the pedal chassis to supply 250VDC to the tube circuit.

Measurements: 7.5" wide x 6" deep x 1 1/4" high at the front, sloping up to 2 1/4" high at the back. With the tube guard in place the height at the back is 3"

Weight: 3 lbs (1320g)

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