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The famous "Kinder HarpMod", used for years by great entertainers around the world is now available to you in an outboard device. John has been working hard to get a circuit ready for you harpsters that will reduce your feedback and also have adjustable tone. Now you can have the volume you need with your feedback fear under your control, what more could you want but a HarpKing?

The new "Anti-Feedback+" is designed to enhance all tube amps. You just dial this baby in and you are ready for blues tone, volume, and feedback control. We are now offering this new and extraordinary harp players dream with a guaranty for 5 years. Just like the HarpKing John has put all of his love and knowledge into this new product. There is nothing on the market like this and we are sure that you will appreciate the flexibility that you will experience without the famous "feedback squeal".

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