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Do you like to modulate? The Vibro Man packs three kinds of modulating effects into one pedal: Vibrato, tremolo and vibrating filter. The vibrato offers a smooth pitch-varying effect that you can adjust from subtle to radical and everything in between. The tremolo adds beautiful sine-wave tremolo typical of classic tube amps. But by cranking the depth you can get square-wave chopping effects that add more bite to your sound. The best part is that both vibrato and tremolo can be enabled together and controlled by a single speed knob.

But if you thought that was enough, the fine folks at Kilpatrick Audio decided it might be fun to be able to switch the vibrato for something a bit more dramatic. The vibrating band-pass filter fits the bill with a high-Q sweeping filter. The depth affects the frequency range of the filter sweeping. And of course it can be used along with the tremolo effect for incredible sounds. All of the effects are produced in stereo, so that you get two synchronized, but different channels which sound great when played through two amps.

The Vibro Man is the first Kilpatrick Audio pedal with a touch-sensitive mode. By enabling the Touch footswitch, the depth of each effect reacts to your playing. For instance, start with a subtle vibrato that gets deeper as you play louder. This really brings new possibility to effects which are conventionally non-reactive. The results are really quite interesting and fun to use.

With high-quality construction using only high quality parts the Vibro Man is designed for a lifetime of rocking. The enclosure is made from cold-rolled steel with a powder-coated paint job for long life. Circuitry is hand-wired and tested for perfection. Battery life is long due to a low-power design, and with the unique Pure Bypass technology, pristine sound quality is maintained in your signal path when the effect is out of the circuit. Features and Specs:

  • Hand-tuned Effects - The best effects for your sound.
  • Pure Bypass Circuitry - Noise-free bypassing with clean sound.
  • High Quality Parts - High quality pots and switches, and Neutrik connectors are used for best quality.
  • Low Power Consumption - With only 70mA current draw, the effect can be run on batteries or off a standard Boss-style DC adapter.
  • Controls:
    • Vibe/Filter Knob - Adjusts the depth of the vibrato or vibrating filter effect.
    • Speed - Sets the master speed for both vibe/filter and tremolo effects.
    • Tremolo - Adjusts the depth of the tremolo effect.
    • Vibe/Filter Switch - Selects either the vibrato or vibrating filter effect.
    • Touch - Turns on or off the touch-sensitive mode.
    • Modulate - Turns on or off the effect. (Bypass)
  • Made in Canada - Every unit is hand-wired, assembled and tested in Canada.

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