Kilpatrick Audio Striptease - Guitar Ribbon Controller


Kilpatrick Audio

The revolutionary Striptease™ ribbon controller allowed unparalleled expression for both guitar and synth players. New pedal models from Kilpatrick Audio are designed to support the Striptease™ as an expression input. The Striptease™ also works as a Roland EV-5 compatible expression controller and has the same electrical specs as the Roland EV-5 expression pedal. Plug it into a synthesizer or a compatible Kilpatrick Audio pedal for momentary finger-activated control.

Features and Specs:

  • Length - 100mm (shown) or 300mm Touch-sensitive Ribbon Controller - other lengths available by special order
  • Compatibility - Compatible with specially-designed pedals from Kilpatrick Audio, or Roland EV-5 expression pedal inputs.
  • Cable - Comes complete with 12' cable with 1/4" TRS connector.
  • Response and Resolution - Normally open, momentary action with infinite touch-resolution.
  • Accessories - Includes Velcro™ for attachment to instruments as well as cable straps for cable management.

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